20 Random Facts About Me


A few days ago, I realized that I have not shared personal information about myself. I have been blogging for the past year so I thought its about time that you get to know me a little better. I prepared 20 random facts about myself. I actually asked my friends and family to help me out, their notes were really hilarious! Anyways, I hope you enjoy this post 🙂 Let me know some fun facts about you in the comments.

  1. I am definitely a tea person. I have every type of tea imaginable!
  2. That’s because I don’t like coffee.
  3. I am a very light sleeper.
  4. I cannot stand the taste of avocado. Yes that means I don’t eat guacamole.
  5. When I was really young, my favorite color was yellow.
  6. But now it’s pink!
  7. I am a very organized person. I will stop everything at hand to clean and make sure everything is in its place.
  8. I can never understand physics if my life depended on it.
  9. I would be lost without my planner.
  10. You can’t put dessert in front of me and think I won’t eat it 😀
  11. I LOVE lemons!
  12. I literally put sriracha on everything I eat.
  13. Many people have told me that I look like Victoria Justice. I would literally get stopped on the street by strangers to tell me that.
  14. But I honestly have never seen the resemblance.
  15. I wanted to be a teacher when I was in fifth grade. I somehow ended up in pharmacy school instead.
  16. Spring is my favorite season.
  17. I was in girl scouts for a long time.
  18. I will buy everything if I go grocery shopping while I’m hungry.
  19. Spanish is a very beautiful language.
  20. That is why I hope that one day I will speak Spanish fluently.

Hope you all have a wonderful day! Xoxo